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Get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint with user training
Microsoft SharePoint has the ability to change the way your users work by increasing collaboration and productivity. However, in order for you to get the full benefits of the software, end user training is a necessary component of an adoption plan.
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Boost ROI of Microsoft Lync with user training
A end user training and adoption plan is key to getting the most out of your software investments. Microsoft Lync can be a powerful collaboration tool, and with end user training, you will see the full benefits of the software.
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Stop playing calendar tag, save yourself 3 weeks
The seemingly endless back and forth of calendar coordination can be a huge productivity drain. Learn how to stop taking shots in the dark when scheduling meetings.
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Use enterprise training to master new software
With SaaS models, software is moving fast, which means new updates and changes that can increase productivity and collaboration. However, these changes are easy to miss without enterprise training.
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Microsoft Announces More Storage Space for OneDrive
Limited storage space is always a concern when researching cloud-based solutions, but Microsoft has just announced additional storage space for OneDrive for Business.
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Happy Administrative Professionals Day! Five time-saving tips
Thank you to you Administrative Professionals! We hope these time-saving tips help make your days more productive.
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Enterprise training boosts productivity in a flexible office environment
Within changing workplace trends, user training and adoption becomes even more important to keep users up to speed with the tools they need to be successful.
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Tap into the full potential of Office 365 with user adoption solutions
Microsoft Office 365 user training solutions can help businesses experience the full potential for increased productivity that comes with such a cloud-based software suite, but only if the make sure their users know how to use it.
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How to migrate your data from Google Drive to OneDrive
Like never before, users are working off of multiple devices everyday. Both their personal devices and the work devices need to be up-to-date and able to access everything they need to continue their work. Understanding how to migrate data from Google Drive to OneDrive will give users the everything they need on all of their devices.
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Why SkyDrive is a must for businesses seeking hybrid cloud strategies
Small and medium-sized businesses should be taking advantage of the latest cloud technology, but it is vital that their users be trained throughout the adoption process.
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