Top 3 steps to adopt new software

By , July 22, 2013
Top 3 steps to adopt new software

Utilizing training software offers IT professionals the opportunity to enhance staff knowledge about all things tech. However, successful adoption of educational materials relies on employee engagement in the training program. Project managers can boost and incentivize worker use of materials through recognizing why employees have issues with learning software and creating an official program that offers rewards for completing courses and the ability to oversee progress.

1. Offer learning materials to suit work styles 
One of the main reasons workers may not be on board with employing training software may come down to personal experience. Beginning workers may not feel comfortable utilizing educational materials without being shown how to. Intermediate users may think their hands-on knowledge is enough for them to properly operate the system and no more training is required. Yet despite these potential misgivings, it's imperative to the manager, the employee and the company that workers take advantage of such training operations - except, they might need a little direction in order to do so.
Whether the user is at the beginning or intermediate level with the technology, it is important for project managers to communicate with employees about why enhanced training can increase productivity and technical knowledge. 

2. Develop incentives for training adoption 
IT professionals can increase activity with the learning software among workers by constructing a training program that presents rewards for those employees who make use of educational materials. A great way to motivate employees is to offer incentives through an official initiative. One way to achieve this is for project managers to set up a program that rewards employees for completing various stages of training by a certain date. According to HR.BLR, a human resources website, supervisors can offer a certificate of completion, the promise of a department party or even gifts for finishing the program.

3. Monitor how staff are progressing
When creating a training initiative, it is essential for project managers to check how far along workers are in their materials and if additional motivation is required. For instance, a program may call for a test to be administered at milestone checkpoints after the training software was distributed. Implementing a schedule for completing educational materials may be enough encouragement for users to adopt training software and will create a routine for them to follow, which can help in spurring them to take action.

It is important for managers to understand that employees learn at different speeds. Offering multiple solutions for training on new software can be beneficial for users.


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