Tapping into organizational expertise with the QuickHelp Share Feature

By , July 24, 2013
Tapping into organizational expertise with the QuickHelp Share Feature

Does your product knowledge exist only in the IT department? Are the skills required for people to get their jobs done only learned through the help desk? In all organizations, there’s a large amount of product knowledge available, whether it’s skills required to create a stunning presentation or time-saving tools to streamline your workday. But is that knowledge being used to its full potential?

With any software update or deployment, the goal isn’t to maintain the status quo. The new software needs to drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

That’s where BrainStorm comes in. With QuickHelp, our award-winning software learning and adoption solution, we surface thousands of to-the-point video clips that answer your users most common software questions, right where and when they need the most help.

In a recent update to QuickHelp, we gave companies a brand new tool to expose the expertise that already exists in their workforce: the share functionality. With this feature, it’s easier than ever for a user to find a video that explains a feature or process and share it instantly with his or her colleagues.

Simply click the share button in the QuickHelp content list or the video control bar, and send the video link directly to your colleagues. These links never expire, so you can post the URL on your company intranet to address frequently asked questions. The links are also publically accessible, as well, so they can be shared with people outside of the organization.

You can even share content that you upload yourself, so if you have specific business processes that you want to explain, you can share their corresponding videos just as you would a QuickHelp video. And don’t worry—nothing proprietary can be shared with people outside of your organization.

See sharing in action HERE.

The new share feature in QuickHelp makes it easy to share knowledge and expertise in any organization. Helping your IT or training colleagues to actively share videos keeps information and innovation flowing.

Don’t have QuickHelp? Learn more about QuickHelp and request a free demo HERE.

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