User training helps businesses leverage Windows 8.1

By , January 06, 2014
User training helps businesses leverage Windows 8.1

Microsoft officially released Windows 8.1, its latest update to the Windows 8 operating system, in October. The look and feel of the new product represents a departure from previous versions of Windows and may result in a steeper learning curve for users. However, this new operating system represents the future of Windows products, according to the online publication AllThingsD. It offers a variety of unique features that can enhance day-to-day business operations.

For example, International Business Times said users can seamlessly integrate desktop files with Microsoft's portable, cloud-based SkyDrive service. In fact, employees can adjust the default settings on their computers to automatically save documents in SkyDrive every time they save changes on the desktop computer. This enhanced productivity feature complements the increasingly mobile nature of the traditional office environment.

An effective user training program has the ability to inform employees about other productivity-boosting features in Windows 8 and similar products. When companies are able to make the most of their enterprise operating systems, workers may be more likely to feel engaged in their daily tasks.

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