Stay ahead of the curve in the new year with enterprise training tools

By , January 20, 2014
Stay ahead of the curve in the new year with enterprise training tools

Businesses often aim to start the year on the right foot by bringing their enterprise technology up to speed with ongoing trends. Comprehensive user training may be one of the fastest ways for organizations in any industry to meet these goals.

The business world experienced a variety of new advancements in cloud technology in 2013. Similarly, many information technology experts anticipate 2014 to lead to further developments in the flexibility, security and convenience of remote hard drives and networks. Specific enterprise suites, such as Microsoft's Windows 8.1 and Office 365, are now fully integrated with cloud options. As a result, companies now have every opportunity to maximize productivity both within and outside the office.

Looking forward with enterprise technology
A recent article in CIO magazine said these trends are likely to continue well into 2014. In fact, the article argued cloud-based technology is already uniquely positioned to become the default IT platform at organizations across the country. While many managers have been reluctant to adapt to these tools in the past due to security concerns or the intimidating prospect of training large numbers of employees on a new enterprise system, James Staten, a Forrester analyst, wrote on the Forrester blog that many of these concerns are overblown.

"If you're resisting the cloud because of security concerns, you're running out of excuses," Staten explained.

He said it's easier than ever for companies to secure their information in a cloud environment.

Software training may lead to long-term benefits
Additionally, businesses have a number of tools available for making the end-user adoption process run as smoothly as possible. In 2014, training employees on how to use new tools such as Windows 8.1 no longer has to be a drain on productivity or resources. Rather than taking shortcuts or letting workers fend for themselves when it comes to navigating the learning curve of a new enterprise system, managers can take advantage of BrainStorm training solutions to make the best use of time.

The online publication InfoWorld said Microsoft will likely release a wide variety of updates to programs such as Exchange, SharePoint and Office in 2014. With the right user adoption process in place, businesses can prepare themselves to take full advantage of these updates ahead of their competitors instead of avoiding them for fear of placing a negative impact on workplace productivity. 

Take advantage of increased productivity in 2014 with BrainStorm’s end-user training solutions.

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