The Fabulous Ladies of Legal: A QuickHelp Success Story

By , February 10, 2014
The Fabulous Ladies of Legal: A QuickHelp Success Story

“IT Training received a request from a group of Admin/Paralegals in our Legal department who wanted to learn more about Excel. Only a few of them used Excel and many were reluctant learners – they felt they didn’t have time to invest in a formal learning course. Most of them didn’t even know, much less use, many of the ’business intelligence’ features in Excel (charts, Sparklines, pivot tables, etc.).

Since the IT Training group doesn’t have the bandwidth to do live training sessions, I was unable to commit to doing a special training session for them. Instead, I offered to demo Excel features at their monthly meeting. Since I’m not an Excel power user, I was nervous about constructing a demo showing cool features I think they’d use. Therefore, I picked the four topics they were most interested to learn – Charts, Tables, Conditional Formatting, and Pivot Tables – and showed a BrainStorm video to give them the ‘gist of the feature’ and then followed with an example of the feature using data that was similar to what they would use.

It was a win for them and a win for the IT Training group. Part of our strategy is to teach people to fish, rather than feeding them. Showing them how quick and easy it is to access the BrainStorm QuickHelp videos and PrintSteps helped deliver the message they had learning resources ‘just a few clicks away.’ I even brought Swedish fish to the meeting to help them integrate our message – literally! “

Everyday people and organizations across the globe experience similar win-win situations with QuickHelp. Whether you are a training, IT, help desk, or business professional, QuickHelp has the tools you need to get your job done better, faster. For more information about QuickHelp and a FREE trial please visit

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