Tap into the full potential of Office 365 with user adoption solutions

By , March 17, 2014
Tap into the full potential of Office 365 with user adoption solutions

Microsoft Office 365 user training solutions can help businesses experience the full potential for increased productivity that comes with such a cloud-based software suite. Companies in a wide variety of industries have discovered the many benefits of increasing the flexibility of traditional office technology, so it's easier for employees to access important documents outside of the office. Now that Microsoft has made it possible for firms to transfer their familiar Office programs and documents from fixed hard drives to mobilized cloud networks, many employees are relishing the chance to increase overall productivity.

No matter what new technology businesses incorporate into the workplace, the ultimate success of these initiatives is almost exclusively determined by the quality of the user training process. Office 365 is specifically designed to almost entirely replicate the same look and feel of programs such as Word and Excel that many companies already recognize. However, the nature of any cloud system will often present a slight learning curve - even for the most seasoned Microsoft users. For example, tools such as SharePoint allow employees to internally share documents through a secure network - but what happens if someone needs to collaborate on a document with an individual outside of the company? Microsoft introduced a way to generate secure links for third parties in late 2013, but many workers may not necessarily be able to figure out such nuances for themselves without any enterprise training.

Shortcuts in training lead to big problems 
IT managers may feel the urge to take shortcuts in the user adoption process as a way of limiting daily interruptions or overworking internal help desks. Employees themselves may even think they are fully equipped to use a new software program and resist the urge for training. However, these decisions have a tendency to backfire. Day-to-day productivity can quickly spiral out of control when users take it upon themselves to seek the answers to their own questions. Rather than seeking help from unreliable Internet resources, employees that adopt more organized training solutions will ultimately benefit from being brought up to speed with fewer interruptions.

After all, each business will have its own unique needs when it comes to using enterprise tools. For example, the University of Colorado Health, one of the largest health care networks in the state of Colorado, recently announced it will use Office 365 to store its thousands of documents. A press release from the organization said the move to the cloud will accommodate the growing need for collaboration with other institutions.

Businesses shouldn't take user adoption lightly. Making concerted efforts to implement new tools into the workplace will have multiple payoffs in the long run. A comprehensive training and adoption plan will ensure that your organization gets the most out of its software.

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