Release of Microsoft Office for iPad highlights importance of user training

By , April 14, 2014
Release of Microsoft Office for iPad highlights importance of user training

Enterprise software is becoming more dynamic and flexible than ever before, meaning IT managers now have a greater need to invest in advanced user training resources. Microsoft has added several innovations to its Office suite in the last few years. The company's latest Windows 8 operating system comes enabled with an extensive list of cloud-based, social collaboration tools that free individual programs from stationary desktop computers.

Most recently, Microsoft announced the release of its first-ever edition of Office for Apple's iPad. An article on ZDNet reported that Word, PowerPoint and Excel will be free to download on the device, but a Microsoft Office 365 subscription will offer users access to the full array of features. John Chase, Microsoft's vice president of marketing, told CNN Money that the release of Office for iPad is just one step in turning the company's enterprise suite into one of the leading cloud services for businesses.

Increasing the flexibility of enterprise software
Today's employees have higher standards for maximizing productivity. In many cases, this means having the ability to edit documents at home, in the office or in other locations. Effective enterprise social collaboration depends on the availability of dynamic cloud and mobile technology. An Aberdeen Group study found that most business professionals already have access to tools that make it possible to view and edit files on desktop applications. However, the growing interest in "bring your own device" policies in the workplace has created an added need for greater flexibility across different tools. The same report revealed that only 38 percent of enterprise leaders, and just 21 percent of other employees, can easily collaborate on documents through mobile applications.

Investing in user training is a great way for IT managers to help their teams leverage the many benefits of this changing technological landscape. The more frequently employees access software from a variety of devices, the more important it will be to ensure users understand the most effective ways to move between products and collaborate with colleagues. The Aberdeen Group revealed that enterprise social tools not only improve business decisions, but they also lead to substantial improvements in productivity. The right software training will help users develop the knowledge base that enables them to take full advantage of the current IT setup without having to sacrifice any efficiency in the short term. 

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