Use enterprise training to master new software

By , June 02, 2014
Use enterprise training to master new software
Improving the user-adoption process makes it easier for businesses to quickly enhance operations when new features and capabilities are added to existing software programs. Microsoft has made an aggressive push to include Skype, one of the leading voice-over-Internet-protocol platforms in the market, into the enterprise marketplace in recent years. The software maker has identified a growing need for companies to eliminate geographic and device-related barriers to collaboration in the workplace. One of the realities of conducting business today is that colleagues must frequently communicate across different channels and from different locations.

That's partly why Microsoft has decided to stop charging its customers for conducting group video calls using the VoIP service. Phillip Snalune, general manager of consumer marketing at Skype, wrote in a blog post on the company's website that the decision is part of a larger effort to extend video conferencing to multiple platforms - not just desktop computers and laptops.

Microsoft leads the way for unified communication innovation
The online publication eWeek reported that Microsoft has also made strides in incorporating Skype into its business enterprise software suite. For example, users of Microsoft Lync can enjoy access to Skype as a built-in feature of the unified communications platform. In an interview with Tech Target, technology consultant Christopher Luise explained that Lync is one of the first programs to truly embrace the concept of expanding the flexibility of UC technology. He said competition in the industry has now increased thanks to Microsoft's innovations.

There is always a fine line between introducing new software programs into business operations and overwhelming users with unfamiliar tools. That's where advanced user-training tools come in. With an employee-focused approach to software adoption, companies will reduce the learning curve associated with new resources such as those offered by Microsoft Lync. Providing users the opportunity to easily answer their questions within the very software program they're utilizing will not only save time, but it will also eliminate the need to consult unreliable guides on YouTube or other parts of the Internet that don't deal specifically with an employee's needs. These tools also come in handy when users simply want to understand how to take advantage of new features such as free Skype group conferencing in a software suite they are already familiar using. Effective enterprise training is flexible to the needs of individual employees and their teams.

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