Boost ROI of Microsoft Lync with user training

By , June 11, 2014
Boost ROI of Microsoft Lync with user training
Getting the most value out of a recent software purchase requires a commitment to steady user training. Most businesses are interested in keeping their enterprise technology up to date with current industry trends. However, buying and implementing these tools isn't enough. Software training is an essential step in unleashing the full return on investment of introducing new programs into the workplace.

Microsoft Lync has emerged as a leading unified communications tool for enterprises. With an array of features that includes much more than integrated voice technology, businesses with a constant need for collaboration and flexibility are finding value in the software that works seamlessly with the Windows 8 operating system. Early adopters can experience substantial improvements to daily productivity by investing in a user-training strategy that suits their learning habits and schedules. Here is a closer look at Microsoft Lync's potential to improve enterprise operations:

Multiple communication options
A recent article in the online publication Redmond Channel Partner reported that Lync started off as a pilot voice platform for companies. However, the discovery of its added features and full-scale implementation capabilities is what has led usage of the program to grow so rapidly this year. The technology website No Jitter indicated that Lync does much more than allow employees to connect through voice communication. For instance, users can transition their voicemails directly into a unified messaging platform that quickly turns any enterprise into a multichannel operation. The program also works seamlessly with Skype, making it possible to video conference with colleagues. Presence technology offers additional flexibility by allowing users to broadcast their availability to other connected individuals, as listed on the Microsoft Lync product page.

Integration with third-party features
Another unique quality of Lync is that it leaves the door open for an extensive variety of tools that are optimized for the unified communications ecosystem. In other words, businesses can optimize the Lync interface with third-party features such as call recording, headsets and other amenities that boost productivity for users who are active on the program throughout the day.

IT managers depend heavily on the ability to measure a clear ROI from their software purchases. Advanced enterprise training resources can not only maximize that metric, but they can also reduce the amount of time it takes for businesses to reap the benefits of new technology. Microsoft Lync is a great example of a new tool that can improve workplace performance when paired with an effective software adoption strategy.

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