Get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint with user training

By , June 16, 2014
Get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint with user training
Microsoft SharePoint has evolved into a valuable collaborative tool for businesses, but these benefits are hard to uncover without the right user adoption strategy.

Introduced originally as a custom Web application program for enterprises to share internal documents, Microsoft has gone to great lengths to ensure the product adapts seamlessly with the changing nature of most of today's workplaces. Employees need much more than the ability to house files in a secure online system. Because people now get their work done on a number of different devices and from multiple locations, the best technology can integrate a variety of collaborative tools into the entire user experience.
Here is a closer look into how SharePoint has accommodated these needs in recent years:

Multichannel access
The more companies utilize "bring your own device" policies in the workplace, the more important it will be for employees to easily share information between desktop computers, laptops and mobile tools. SharePoint works seamlessly with Microsoft OneDrive to allow businesses to easily access files and documents on the go. The social nature of the program has already had a major impact on productivity worldwide. In fact, a Microsoft survey of nearly 10,000 individuals in 32 countries found that 46 percent of those who have leveraged social tools have noticed a substantial increase in their ability to get work done on a regular basis.

Smarter search capabilities
SharePoint is much more than a place to store documents. The latest version of the software comes equipped with intelligent search technology that gathers usage data to create more personalized results. This way, employees eventually have an easier time finding what they need, as the program remembers individual user habits.

SharePoint is designed to help employees work faster, but this is only possible if businesses invest in the proper enterprise training solutions. Without any attention to user adoption, individuals may become familiar with a handful of features that may be perfectly convenient while a host of others remain underutilized. Chris McNulty, former chief technology officer at Dell, said in an interview with CMS Wire that anyone in charge of managing SharePoint adoption at a business must make sure staff members understand how the cloud works for the collective benefit of the enterprise. The right training strategy will make it easier for managers to communicate these advantages throughout their entire organization.

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