How to ensure strong Microsoft Lync adoption

By , October 06, 2014
How to ensure strong Microsoft Lync adoption

Thanks in part to the exponential growth of digital technology in the workforce, communication has been streamlined within offices across the country. Since these advancements are fluid and ever-changing, there is a need to continually shift and adapt with the growing aspects of business operations. The goal of new software and interaction systems is to improve internal visibility and communications while also enhancing external output. Unified communication, Information Week suggests, is becoming a necessary component in organizations across all industries because of the benefits they bring to collaboration. Not only do they improve internal interactions, they also empower staff to work together.   

Unified communication is hardly a buzzword in the business landscape anymore. It's one of the main strategies that companies are now using to eliminate silos between departments and encourage collaboration. At BrainStorm, we personally utilize Microsoft Lync, which connects everyone within our company on a centralized server. Each employee has access through a live chat or video service, which allows us to better communicate with our remote employees.  

Implementation can be tricky  
Even though there are many benefits of using an UC system like Microsoft Lync, implementation can be tricky. It's no secret that employees don't like to deviate from their familiar processes. Learning new software, albeit helpful, can sometimes cause headaches during the workday. Adoption isn't always easy, which is why expert advice needs to be available. Forbes recently argued that senior leadership typically pushes for new systems upgrades, but they are usually unavailable for direct interaction during the implementation and adoption process. Middle management usually deals with ground-level employees, but they are often unable to help employees through this transition due to time and resources. 

If a silo does exist between the employees and the C-level executives regarding a new software adoption, there are ways employees can have their questions answered without chasing around overwhelmed IT pros in the process. Third-party training solutions, like BrainStorm QuickHelp™, easily integrates within a business's existing software infrastructure. These types of training solutions are available to employees right when they have a question, so operations are minimally interrupted and the staff is able to build confidence in the new software.  

Utilizing Microsoft Lync, or other form of UC, can bring huge benefits to companies, including increasing productivity and reducing the silos between departments. However, it is necessary that employees be trained in using the software in order to reap the full benefits of unified communication. 

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