BrainStorm has a new home

By , October 17, 2014
BrainStorm has a new home

We’ve moved! Since 2003 we have inhabited three different offices within one block. What can we say? We love American Fork! As we settle into our new office, we can't help but think back on our history and the history of each of the offices we have occupied throughout the years.

When Eric Farr and John Wade took over BrainStorm in 2003, we moved into Farr’s basement to completely revamp the company. “Our goal was to make BrainStorm profitable again, so we moved into my basement for about six months to make that happen,” Farr recounts. While not ideal, working from the basement was a necessary part of developing BrainStorm into what it is today.

After our time underground, we spent a few years in a small office on Merchant Street in American Fork. “We probably only had eleven employees max in this location,” recalls Tyler Rogers, one of Brainstorm’s veteran employees, or as we call ourselves, PropellerHeads. The small office shared a bathroom and fridge with another office. “It was a little awkward. It kind of felt like someone coming into your house to use the amenities,” Rogers said. Regardless of the cramped quarters, we were able to create the close culture that BrainStorm maintains today. It soon became clear that we had outgrown our small office and it was time to move on. In fact, even our stock of Quick Start Cards outgrew the building. When we moved them, the entire floor had sunk about two inches below the baseboards due to the weight.

We found a new home just a stone’s throw away in a building with a unique history. The building was previously a theater and then a car dealership. This location also brought big changes for BrainStorm, including a major rebrand and the development of QuickHelp™. We grew steadily, so we sought ways to make our space stretch farther. "We began to focus on our remote work, which allowed us to stay in this location for a little longer," Farr explained. We also rented out the basement below our office for storage and a few additional work spaces.

Our newest office was also a car dealership in another life and is three-times larger than our previous location. The entire building has been remodeled to suit the needs of us PropellerHeads. Farr adds, “It is exciting to take a vacant space and make it represent our brand and our people. This new office also gives us the room for the expansion that we’ll need over the next few years.” The office comes with a lot of perks; we’ve got more working space, a large kitchen area, bigger bathrooms (yes, that’s cause for excitement), and our favorite: a huge lounge room complete with four large screen TVs and Xbox Ones. We take Halo very serious around here. But for Rogers, he says the coolest aspect of the new office “is seeing how far we’ve come. [Back then] it sometimes felt like a pipedream, but now we’re just at the tip of the iceberg of what BrainStorm could and should be.”

We’ve come a long way in the last eleven years—even if we have stayed within a one block radius! So if you’re in the area, drop on by Ten South Center. You’ll find us changing the way organizations learn and how end-users work (and maybe playing a little Xbox).

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  1. 'Afa K. Palu, PhD Wednesday, March 18, 2015

    Seems an exciting business. I would like to stop by and visit and tour your company. Please let me know? Thanks

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