BrainStorm Clowned Around on Red Nose Day

By Todd Kirk, May 22, 2015
BrainStorm Clowned Around on Red Nose Day

What do shaved heads, crab walks, and a carton of eggs have in common? You would have seen all of these things (and more) at BrainStorm HQ during our participation in Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh. The inaugural Red Nose Day in the United States was held on May 21, 2015.

When BrainStorm’s Corporate Giving Committee learned about Red Nose Day, mouths salivated at the idea that we could encourage our fellow PropellerHeads to act crazy to help raise money for some of the most deserving charities on the planet. “We can’t think of too many BrainStorm activities that would be more ‘on brand’” said Eric Farr, Principal, “having tons of fun, sharing a lot of laughs, and giving back in meaningful ways all at the same time.”

In true BrainStorm fashion, dozens gathered to auction off insane and fun things during lunch:


Two brave PropellerHeads offered to let colleagues shave their hair for charity.

BSI Haircuts BSI Haircuts

No two BrainStorm haircuts ever turn out the same.

Crab Walking

Our entire Operations team volunteered (or better said, was volunteered) to walk the entire afternoon like crabs! It was a bad day to wear heels! In the end, there was some soreness, but lots of laughs and smiles.

BSI Crab Walk

Some of the Best Cookies on the Planet

One PropellerHead peddled her famous gingersnap sandwich cookies. They sold like snow cones in the Sahara. We may have to see if we can set up a permanent bakery here at the office. Additionally, she offered to match the donations.

BSI Crab Walk

Selfies as a Service

Our Corporate Giving Committee offered donations for every selfie with a red nose. Additionally, if you took the picture with strangers, dollars doubled. As a result, we have lots of pictures with confused photo bombers at grocery stores, salons, hardware stores, at an elementary school, and even on an airplane.

BSI Crab Walk

Egg Roulette

Made popular by a late night TV show, the crowning gem of the day came when we had our Principal Executives face off in a game of Egg Roulette. The rules were simple:

1. Pick an Egg out of a dozen (5 were raw, 7 hardboiled)

2. Smash it on your head

3. If you get 3 raw eggs, you lose!

This epic showdown drew in tons of donations.

BSI Crab Walk

We were so grateful for all of the charitable donations and are glad to announce that we raised thousands of dollars for the charities supported by Red Nose Day.

We hope you’ll consider joining BrainStorm in supporting this great cause. While Red Nose Day may be over, you can still show your support by donating at

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