Local Teens Hoping to Make a Difference

By Todd Kirk, July 13, 2015
Local Teens Hoping to Make a Difference

A few weeks ago, our Corporate Giving Committee received this email:

Mr. Kirk,
I understand you are the chair person for the BrainStorm Corporate Giving Committee. I would love to meet with you to discuss a charitable giving opportunity. I have started a youth service organization called Drop, which is affiliated with the national generationOn organization. Our current project provides school supplies to needy children in Puerto Rico. Would you be available to meet next week?

Curious about their project, our team met with this local high school senior and her 8th grade little brother. They came in fully prepared with a well-rehearsed presentation asking if we could support their project.

We asked them tough questions about their plan, but they were prepared. It was a crisp, organized presentation that impressed us. To sum it up, their club looks for opportunities to make big changes with lots of small drops of effort. For Drop's first project, their family is going to Puerto Rico. On this trip, these two teens will be putting together school supplies for kids in poor communities.

We're excited to support them and hope to have lots of pictures and stories to share about their experience. It's encouraging to see youth so committed to making a difference in our world, and we hope that our contributions continue to inspirce the next generation to make our world a better place.

Check back soon for an update on Drop's first service project.

Learn more about the Drop Foundation here.

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