BrainStorm Reviewed by Great Place to Work

By Kaylyn Laws, July 22, 2015
BrainStorm Reviewed by Great Place to Work

Review“According to our study, 100 percent of BrainStorm, Inc. employees say it is a great workplace,” says Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Great Place to Work’s Senior Editor.

BrainStorm was recently reviewed by Great Place to Work, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. As a BrainStorm employee, or PropellerHead as we call ourselves, I am not at all surprised with the outcome of this review. If you ask any member of the team what their favorite thing about BrainStorm is, they will almost always tell you the culture. In fact, our culture is so important to us that our first round interviews are usually focused on culture fit.

Taylor Hoynacki, a member of our Operations team says this about our culture, “Culture is taken to the next level at BrainStorm. We are the embodiment of the 'work hard, play hard' concept. Whether it's a few harmless pranks or a few minutes of jump rope, we want to make sure we get the chance to step away from the daily grind and get the office energy up. Management does a great job of taking the 'small, new tech company feel' and making sure BrainStorm is a place where we look forward to being each day.”

In the review you will learn more about BrainStorm’s corporate culture, the perks PropellerHeads enjoy, activities we participate in, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

  • An internal culture club organizes bi-monthly out-of-office activities and frequent in-office shenanigans
  • There’s a focus on giving back. A Corporate Giving Committee organizes bi-monthly service projects, and each employee is given $50 each month the make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Free snacks, drinks, and cereal. Enough said.
  • 15 paid holidays plus 12 days of PTO each year.
  • Corporate ski passes to Sundance resort.

To see the full review, click here.

Does BrainStorm sound like a place you’d like to work? We’re hiring and always on the lookout for fun-loving, hard-working individuals to join our team. Click here to see current openings.

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