Pasta for People

By Todd Kirk, August 13, 2015
Pasta for People

Hairnets may be this fall’s next fashion statement thanks to some of the efforts from the Corporate Giving Committee at BrainStorm. In July, a large group of PropellerHeads donated their time helping the Utah Food Bank. The Food Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah boasts a vast warehouse to not only sort donated food from individuals, but to package and repurpose food that would otherwise be thrown away. Their efforts help hundreds of thousands each year who don’t have enough food. Alarmingly, 1 in 5 kids are unsure where their next meal is coming from. We were inspired by the work done to fight hunger across the United States.

Packing Noodles

We washed our hands, put on gloves and hairnets, and went to work. The staff assigned us to package pasta noodles. A local food distributor—and major partner to the food bank—donates their pasta ends regularly. Pasta ends are the strange “U-shaped” noodles that come out of the machine near the end of production. They are perfectly good to eat, but don’t work well with professional grocery level pasta packages. As result, we give to the needy in the community.

Smaller shelters and food banks can’t manage the raw pasta, so we put them into 2lbs bags. Here are a few photos of PropellerHeads packing the pasta:

How You Can Help

The Utah Food Bank is part of Feeding America. Most states are involved and you can donate time or food to help as well! Just go to

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