Lagoon Day: Another Perk of Being a PropellerHead

By Tami Booth, August 27, 2015
Lagoon Day: Another Perk of Being a PropellerHead

As part of BrainStorm’s twentieth anniversary celebration in June, the BrainStorm team gathered for our annual Lagoon day. Lagoon, a 119-year-old amusement park nestled up against the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range, is located about seventeen miles north of Salt Lake City.

Photo Attribution: "Turn of the Century - Lagoon" by Scott Catron from Sandy, Utah via Wikimedia Commons

Every BrainStorm employee was encouraged to bring their family, so there were many adorable babies all around. New PropellerHeads and their families got to meet the more experienced members of the BrainStorm posse, and since lots of our remote employees were in town, we were able to connect socially across departments and cross paths with co-workers we wouldn't have been able to get to know otherwise.

The event had been in the works for months, and after a great deal of meticulous planning, plotting and coordinating….the clouds opened and dumped buckets of rain on us. Luckily, you can't really keep a PropellerHead down, so the rain didn't keep us from having fun. Some of us huddled under the pavilion to wait out the storm, but many just braved the rain. If the rides were being operated, you could count on at least one rogue PropellerHead trying to ride.

When we throw a party, we don't go halfway. There was pizza, cookies, a twentieth anniversary cake, and some cool BrainStorm swag. So, to sum things up: we arrived, got rained on, didn't care, and had a blast celebrating twenty years of BrainStorm. Here's to twenty more!

What Now?

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