Meet the PropellerHeads: John Wade

By Kaylyn Laws, September 02, 2015
Meet the PropellerHeads: John Wade

Tell us a little about yourself, John.

I was raised in Los Angeles, CA and Houston, TX, and I’m the oldest of three children. I love Mexican food (that's really important to know). I married my hot high school sweetheart, eventually. I talked her into four kids. She, after 22 years of marriage, talked me into a puppy.

What is your title and role at BrainStorm?

Principal—trying to stay far enough ahead of the team to not get trampled.

How long have you worked at BrainStorm?

13 years.

Why should a candidate want to work at BrainStorm?

To learn, to push themselves, to find out what's possible, to disrupt and transform educational processes, to have an impact, and to help us build something great.

What is your favorite BrainStorm memory?

During one charitable outing, the BrainStorm team spent time bowling and doing activities with an organization that supported those with mental disabilities. Some bystanders mistakenly thought one of our sales people, due to his poor bowling skills, was one of the disabled bowlers. It was a pretty amusing scene when they started chanting his name and cheering for him.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Rappelling into deep, narrow, red rock canyons; snow skiing on powder-topped mountain peaks; loud rock 'n' roll music (listening not playing); playing, watching, cussing and discussing baseball with my family.

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