BrainStorm Fun and Games

By Tami Booth, September 24, 2015
BrainStorm Fun and Games

Another reason it's great to be a PropellerHead: The activities!

We talked about BrainStorm's annual Lagoon day in a previous blog post, but our Lagoon trip is only one of many activities that BrainStorm provides for its employees. This month we took a trip to Provo Beach Resort, an indoor facility with carnival-like attractions and games. It is also home to the Flowrider—a wave machine that lets you surf indoors. We had a few really great wipeouts.

BrainStorm also does smaller grab-bag activities to break up the workday and let our competitive sides loose. This month, we did a putt-putt golf mini-tournament, as well as an indoor field-goal kicking contest. The field-goal contest came complete with a Nerf football, a paper tee, and a human goalpost, and the winner won Brigham Young University football tickets for their excellent skills.

Toward the end of August, we had quite a few members of our remote team with us at BSI headquarters in American Fork, so we hosted a Pictionary playoff. The prizes for this one included a cool set of Bluetooth RCA surround-sound speakers. During the playoff, there were some words that proved impossible to translate, like “addendum,” but there were PropellerHeads who somehow found a way to illustrate words like “psychiatrist.” That victory was courtesy of Debra Cloward's killer stick-figure drawing skills.

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Tami Booth

Tami is a technical writer and product manager at BrainStorm, Inc. She's passionate about music, salted-caramel treats, travel, and beautifully-written sentences. In her spare time, she enjoys concerts, binge-watching TV series, and would like to visit each continent someday - except Antarctica.

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