QuickCasts have moved to QuickHelp

By Kaylyn Laws, October 23, 2015
QuickCasts have moved to QuickHelp

You may have noticed that at BrainStorm, we like the word “quick.” First, we brought you Quick Start Cards, the handy reference guides that save user sanity on deployment day. Then we changed the end-user learning game with the creation of QuickHelp, a comprehensive training platform that maximizes organizational productivity. And now we’ve outdone ourselves (if we can be so bold) with QuickCasts. These thirty-minute, monthly webinars live right within the QuickHelp platform, inspire users to think outside the current way they use their software.

QuickCasts: The Beginning

We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve end-user productivity—and QuickHelp is at the center of that mission. But how could we integrate new training methods, such as instructor-led training, into QuickHelp? Live, targeted training was the perfect way to educate our diverse customer base and keep users engaged with their software. Using a third-party solution, we were able to bring QuickCasts to users immediately. But from the beginning, we always knew QuickCasts would be integrated into the QuickHelp platform for a streamlined, all-in-one training experience.

QuickCasts: New and Improved

We’re thrilled to announce that QuickCasts have now found a permanent home in QuickHelp—and that’s great for everyone. Here’s why: 

1. No additional downloads or software

Third-party webinar solutions do the job, but can be messy since they require more setup than an integrated solution. Now that QuickCasts are right within QuickHelp, the webinars are streamed live via the internet. No software. No downloads. No extra passwords. 

2. Registration is crazy easy

Once your QuickHelp account is created, that’s it—no more registration forms to fill out. With just a couple of clicks, you can get registered for any available QuickCast! Here’s how: 

3. Higher quality

When we were using a third-party solution, we were bound by the limitations of their solution. Now that we’ve moved QuickCasts to QuickHelp, we’re able to do some pretty cool things like: 

  • Broadcast in 720p HD
  • Use green screen technology to place instructors right on the screen with their presentation
  • Increase device support for both desktop and mobile devices, so now you can take your learning on the go! 

4. One seamless experience

Now that QuickCasts are in QuickHelp, the experience is completely seamless. Here are some of the benefits of integrating QuickCasts into QuickHelp: 

  • One single home for learning—get everything you need in one place 
  • QuickCasts are now followed up with supplemental assets to help users retain what they learned in the QuickCasts

Now that we've given you the rundown on why QuickCasts have moved, learn more about QuickCasts and QuickHelp with these resources:

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