ATEC Visits BrainStorm Headquarters

By Todd Kirk, October 27, 2015
ATEC Visits BrainStorm Headquarters

BrainStorm was very lucky to have the students from The Alpine Transition and Education Center (ATEC) visited us in September. We hosted about 20 students for a tour and activities around the office. ATEC encompasses a supportive, educational environment designed to transition students to the adult world through the development of personal skills and abilities. Instruction and activities are designed to guide students towards independence and participation in the community.

When the school reached out to us, we were ecstatic to hear that we’d get to spend an afternoon with these students. We set up stations around our office to help the students understand what we do at BrainStorm and also have a little fun. Stations included watching videos about BrainStorm, a propeller spinning station, a ball race course, and a green screen activity. ATEC really helps their students get exposure to the world around them, teaching them life skills and independence. We’re glad that we got to be a part of that for an afternoon.

Not only were the students gracious while they were here, we recieved tons of thank you notes about a week after their visit! Thank you so much, ATEC, for letting us get to know you!

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