Meet the PropellerHeads: Kasey Yardley

By Kaylyn Laws, November 02, 2015
Meet the PropellerHeads: Kasey Yardley

Tell us a little about yourself, Kasey.

I was born in Las Vegas, NV and spent most of my childhood in Nevada and Utah growing up. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Utah Valley University and I recently moved to Southern California to complete an MBA. I have a beautiful wife named Melissa and a 2 year old boy named Brody.

What is your title and role at BrainStorm?

I am an Account Executive for the Southwest US region and work directly with BrainStorm’s customers. I love working with people and helping organizations get better value from their software investments.

How long have you worked at BrainStorm?

Almost 8 years!!

Why should a candidate want to work at BrainStorm?

BrainStorm is a quickly-growing, fast-paced company that is making a great name for itself. However, regardless of its growth, BrainStorm continues to maintain a friendly, personal, and collaborative culture. No matter how much we grow we still remain true to our start-up roots. BrainStorm is made up of smart, fun, hard-working people –and that’s why anyone would want to work here.

What is your favorite BrainStorm memory?

Every Christmas the company gets together and celebrates our success at the end of the year. We exchange gifts, we eat great food, and we serve in the community. I love getting together each year and sharing our experiences of service with one another. This is an example of one of the great traditions BrainStorm has created over the years for its employees.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

My favorite hobby is golf. I’ve played since I was about 2 years old and have always been in love with the game. Living in Southern California allows me to play golf all year long, which I still can’t believe. Getting sunburned on the golf course the day after Christmas is a beautiful thing!

I don’t know if enjoying food could be considered a hobby, but in my life it definitely is one. My wife and I love to try new restaurants and new recipes as much as we can. If you come to our house you’ll likely find our television tuned to the Food Network. We are definitely foodies in the Yardley household.

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