A Tour of BrainStorm Headquarters

By Tami Booth, November 05, 2015
A Tour of BrainStorm Headquarters

As we've mentioned before, BrainStorm is serious about fostering an upbeat culture. That dedication extends all the way to our work environment. Physical areas can be a representation of who we are and how we work, and the PropellerHeads' home-away-from-home is no exception. You may have already read a little bit here or here about BrainStorm’s headquarters in American Fork, but today we'd like to offer you an exclusive virtual tour.

When you visit BrainStorm for the first time, come right in and bang the gong.

This will summon a trusty employee, who will greet you and help you find your way around. First item on the tour: check out the Ducati!

Circling back around the reception area, we'll pass the drum set—played here by one of our fearless leaders, John Wade.

On our way towards the back of the office, you can hop on the ski lift seat and swing a bit, or watch an impromptu foosball game.

Picking the tour back up, you'll pass through the Jetway. This hallway houses dozens of customizable, clear plaques—one for each PropellerHead.

After you've looked at all those plaques, you've worked up an appetite. You're in luck! The last stop on our tour is our break room, which we've nicknamed The Hunger Games.

Behold, the beautiful drink fridge, which is kept meticulously organized by long-time PropellerHead Tyler Rogers on the Client Success team.

Thanks for visiting! Can you imagine what it would be like to come here every day - and get paid for it?! Click below to see what we’re hiring for!

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Tami Booth

Tami is a technical writer and product manager at BrainStorm, Inc. She's passionate about music, salted-caramel treats, travel, and beautifully-written sentences. In her spare time, she enjoys concerts, binge-watching TV series, and would like to visit each continent someday - except Antarctica.

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