BrainStorm named one of Outside's Best Places to Work 4th year in a row

By Kaylyn Laws, November 16, 2015
BrainStorm named one of Outside's Best Places to Work 4th year in a row

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as one of Outside’s Best Places to Work for the 4th year running. As you may have noticed from some of our blog posts like Company Culture: The Making or Breaking of an Office, we know that having an office where people want to come to work is a pretty big deal. And we think it’s awesome that Outside Magazine recognizes companies dedicated to making work a place employees want to be.

John Wade, one of the Principals at BrainStorm and a huge proponent of workplace culture, said this about working at BrainStorm and being a part of the list, “It doesn’t take long to learn that, in life, the people you share it with make all the difference. I get to come to work every day ready and eager to get in the game with this awesome team at BrainStorm—they come to play and play to win. It’s invigorating. We couldn’t be more excited, as well, to suit-up with Outside magazine and the inspiring companies on this list. It feels a lot like charging through untracked powder or going over the edge on a rappel line. My heart’s pumping!”

Our participation in Outside’s list over the last four years has resulted in some serious talent joining our team. Taylor Hoynacki, an Associate on the Operations team, moved across country to join our team after finding us through the list. She says, “Finding BrainStorm through Outside Magazine’s 2014 list ‘100 Best Places to Work’ was a long time coming. Not satisfied in my previous industry, I decided to give up what I knew how to do and to take a chance on finding the right fit for me culturally. Looking back, I have no regrets! I have found a company that puts its employees first and with that comes not only a group of incredible people, but a successful, competitive company.”

BrainStorm placed 12th out of 100 companies throughout the U.S. This year, Outside began by creating five different categories that reflect their own culture:

  • Adventure and Travel
  • Wellness
  • Culture
  • Gear
  • Advertising and Media

And then separated the top 10 oranizations in each category as well as creating an all-up Best 100 list. Not only did BrainStorm place 12th overall, we also placed 10th on the Advertising and Media list.

If you’d like to see the entire list, click here.

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