A Spooky Good Time: Halloween 2015 Recap

By Tami Booth, November 25, 2015
A Spooky Good Time: Halloween 2015 Recap

Halloween has always been an especially fun and festive time at BrainStorm, Inc. Every year, John & Eric create a spooky haunted house in their office, and this year the entire BrainStorm family kicked it up a notch and decided to follow suit. Each employee was invited to decorate their office, and we held a contest for the best workspace Halloween decorations. The competition was fierce.

Dawna Malae won the workspace decoration contest with her very scary Pirate Cave office!

Next came the costume contest. Earlier in October, we were put into small groups and assigned this year's costume theme: Nursery Rhymes. There was a wide variety in how each group interpreted their nursery rhymes, and everyone's creative flair really shined through. We stepped up our game in the costume sector as well! Some groups even performed spontaneous skits based on their nursery rhymes so we could all get the full effect. Our remote employees joined us via Skype for Business, and shared their camera feeds with us to show off their costumes.

Erin Eide, Dana Johnson, and Zach Bitner took home the prize for best overall group costume: a very convincing Lord Farquaad, The Wife of the Muffin Man, and Gingerbread Man. After the workday wound down, we hosted a Halloween carnival for our employees and their families, where they could come in from the cold and trick-or-treat around the office.

Taking holiday parties to the next level is just one of the cool perks that comes with working at BrainStorm. Think you’d like it here? Check out the link below to see if we’d be a good fit.

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