From the Executives: 2015 Year-End Letter

By The End-User Experts, December 15, 2015
From the Executives: 2015 Year-End Letter

Thank You

2015 has been an absolutely incredible year for BrainStorm. We celebrated our 20th anniversary, launched a new version of QuickHelp, received Series A funding to help us move even faster—and that’s just to name a few exciting changes.

It’s actually that word—change—that makes me most excited as I look back at the many changes over BrainStorm’s 20-year history. What started as a small training services company has grown into a SaaS company that is effecting change in some of the world’s best and brightest organizations. It’s been an electrifying ride—and one that would not have been possible without the involvement of so many incredible people. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers, our partners, our followers, our stakeholders, and our team of dedicated experts. I count each one of you as a valuable member of the PropellerHead family and an integral part of BrainStorm’s success.

Changing Change

As BrainStorm continues to change, we feel that it’s important that everyone better understand the company we are becoming. Training is a critical part of what we do—but it’s just a step on the greater path to effecting long-lasting change and results. Not a single customer, partner, etc. has ever enlisted the help of BrainStorm to just teach something. They’ve partnered with us to make important changes to their company culture and user behavior to make their organization more productive.

Our tagline, “Teaching Software. Teaching People.” has proudly stood by our logo for many years. But as we’ve changed and grown, we’ve realized that we’re able to accomplish much more than just training. As such, we’ve decided to make a critical change to our brand that better explains our ultimate mission as a company. We’re thrilled to introduce BrainStorm’s new tagline: Changing the Way the World Works.

To 2016

As a member of the PropellerHead family, I invite you to gear up and get ready for an exciting 2016. The New Year is sure to bring new change and new adventure—and you’d better believe that BrainStorm will be right there at the forefront.
Happiest of Holidays!

Eric Farr and John Wade
Principals, BrainStorm, Inc.

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