3 Tips on Creating Camaraderie in the Office

By Josh Flores, January 15, 2016
3 Tips on Creating Camaraderie in the Office

Here at BrainStorm, we like to think we're all in the friend zone (don’t worry, not that kind of friend zone). This friend zone is the kind we all want to be in. In fact, Fortune Magazine agrees and named BrainStorm one of the Best Workplaces for Camaraderie. Alison Miller, Client Success Coordinator, says this about the culture and camaraderie at BrainStorm:

"I couldn't be more grateful for BrainStorm and the work environment the owners and employees provide. Ever since day one, I've come to work feeling like I'm surrounded by friends, not just coworkers. I think one of the reasons we feel empowered to be one another’s advocates in the workplace is the fact that we are given time to spend with one another doing fun things. Whether it be a quick game of knockout to win tickets to a local college football game or an afternoon spent in Salt Lake doing service, we have fun together which helps us work hard together."

We want everyone to share the same camaraderie we have at BrainStorm. Here are three simple ideas to help you, your organization, or your community create your own "good type" of friend zone:

1. Make your onboarding process fun

One of the first items on BrainStorm's onboarding checklist is to have new employees create a collage that represents a little bit about them. Every employee's collage is displayed in a long hallway (called the "jetway") at BSI headquarters and is a fun way to get to know the people who make up the BrainStorm family. And on everyone's first day at BrainStorm, there's always a group lunch with the crew. Lunch is no joke around these parts, and PropellerHeads take advantage of the hour to gather, chat, get to know each other better, and duke it out over the day's lunch location. These are just a few great ways for everyone to feel included right from the beginning, get to know each other quickly, and create an atmosphere where friendships can easily be developed and fostered.

2. Have a designated internal culture club

Having internal corporate culture clubs is another great way to create camaraderie. BrainStorm's Culture Club is in charge of creating opportunities for employees to get together and have fun. They plan bimonthly "out-of-office" and weekly "in-office" activities that range from going to local amusement parks and river rafting, to company-wide dodgeball, jump roping, and staring contests in the office.

3. Set aside time to take breaks and have some fun together

It's important to work hard, but BrainStorm's culture really encourages and understands the power of a break. As PropellerHeads, we feel comfortable setting up time during the work day to gather a group to go to a park and play soccer or take 30 minutes each Wednesday to volunteer at a local elementary school. Whether it's random onsite pickup games of foosball, playing Halo with a large group at lunch, or gathering the gym crew to go work out, we do it all—and we do it together.

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