BrainStorm Launches Its Own Purpose Portfolio

By Todd Kirk, February 12, 2016
BrainStorm Launches Its Own Purpose Portfolio

Working at BrainStorm is more than just a job and it’s not all dodgeball and ping pong tables either. PropellerHeads all work together; we dream together, and we give back together.

In December of 2015, the Corporate Giving Committee launched a new giving effort called Purpose Portfolio. Long story short, our employees can now pool their resources together to adopt worthy causes. Here is how it works: employees can give back easily through automatic paycheck deductions that send donation straight to a cause (or the causes) of their choice.

Each charity is put through a rigorous vetting process, so that you know they're doing the very best work to make this world better.

When we announced the program, almost 2/3 of our PropellerHeads signed up in the first 4 hours! Truly, we are working with the best people on the planet! We are on track to make a dramatic impact for the charities we’ve adopted. In other words, here at BrainStorm, we don’t just want to change the way the world works, we also want to change the world!

You can’t beat the culture and the environment at BrainStorm—the best people all united in a common goal.

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