Workweek Fun at a Live Escape Room

By Tami Booth, March 21, 2016
Workweek Fun at a Live Escape Room

At BrainStorm, we love to provide playful breaks to the monotony that can sneak up during the workweek. Sometimes, it's as simple as an impromptu game of jump rope, putt-putt golf down the hallway, or a rubber-band shooting contest. Other times, we venture out of the office on fun fieldtrips. Last month, we visited GetOut Games in Provo, Utah, for some epic live escape room activities.

What's an escape room, you ask? It's a group activity that takes place in a "locked" room. Each room has a fictional scenario and a set of clues and puzzles that have to be solved before you can "escape" from the room, and there is a countdown clock that you have to beat in order to win. It's an exciting, high-energy opportunity for teambuilding, and a chance to display your wicked-good problem solving skills.

At GetOut Games, we were divided into groups and competed in three different scenarios. The door locked behind us, and like the name says, we had to work together to get out of there. Applying everyone's skills was the only way to escape in time, since each room had a 60-minute clock to beat. Every team member had a role to play, and everyone's skills helped to decipher the clues that would solve our big problem--getting out of the room in time. There was a fake nuclear reactor in one of the rooms and a chained zombie in another, for added dramatic effect.

In a quickly-growing company that is situated in an even faster-growing marketplace, agility and the ability to wear many different hats is a staple characteristic of PropellerHeads. Participating in the escape room activity was a cool way to break up the workday, but more importantly, it showcased how important quick-thinking and adaptability are to working at BrainStorm. Those qualities are as much a part of our culture as fun is, and this activity showcased that.

At BrainStorm, we play as hard as we work. Think that's something you could get used to? Check out our careers page to see if we’d be a good fit.

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Tami Booth

Tami is a technical writer and product manager at BrainStorm, Inc. She's passionate about music, salted-caramel treats, travel, and beautifully-written sentences. In her spare time, she enjoys concerts, binge-watching TV series, and would like to visit each continent someday - except Antarctica.

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