Empower People, Change the World

By Jourdan Strain , April 14, 2016
Empower People, Change the World

At the Microsoft Envision Conference in New Orleans last week, we were thrilled to hear from some of the greatest minds in the business about how Microsoft is changing the digital workforce. We were challenged to think creatively about how technology can drive change in our own industries. And we were inspired to not only think big, but to work hard and throw resources behind what we want to achieve.

Empower a Person. Change the World.

During his keynote, Satya Nadella emphasized that the ultimate mission of Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more— and that's music to our PropellerHead ears. You may recall that we recently changed our tagline to "Changing the Way the World Works," a phrase that echoes Microsoft's sentiment that empowering people is the key to lasting, meaningful change.

It's easy to think that constant releases and deployments of products, features, and tools mean inevitable productivity. But the ultimate power of these innovations lives and dies in how and why people use them.

The How and Why.

At BrainStorm, we often talk about the difference between the "how" and "why" of end-user adoption. It's one thing to tell a user how to use QuickParts in Outlook. It's another thing to understand why QuickParts will help a user spend less time in their email. When we empower users to understand the vision of a software change, they become more likely to actually adopt their tools, see true productivity, and change the way they work.

Think Big.

BrainStorm takes the brilliant productivity tools that Microsoft creates and empowers users to understand why they're important and how to use them. Little by little, we believe our solutions can change the way every person and every organization works.

And with that, it's time for us to get back to work. Changing the Way the World Works is a tall order— but it's the kind of big thinking that reaps even bigger rewards for our customers.

Jourdan Strain

Better known around the office as “The Queen of No,” Jourdan can actually be sort of pleasant once you get to know her. When she isn’t distracting the Marketing team with music video ideas, Jourdan is probably stalking the Barefoot Contessa, pretending (poorly) to enjoy exercise, or Netflix binging with her husband and goofball of a dog.

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