A Tour of BrainStorm Headquarters: Part 2

By Tami Booth, May 10, 2016
A Tour of BrainStorm Headquarters: Part 2

In a previous post, we took you on a tour of BrainStorm headquarters in American Fork, Utah. From Ducatis to foosball tables to a refrigerator stocked entirely with soda, you may have thought you saw it all. Think again! There’s more where that came from, and we’re here to give you the rest of the scoop on the space that PropellerHeads call home. Welcome to the Office Tour: Part 2!

If you hear a PropellerHead say something like, “Meet you in The Panic Room,” don’t worry—there’s no national emergency or secret bunker in the basement. BrainStorm’s many conference rooms commemorate great—and epically not-so-great—movies. Wander around our halls and find conference rooms named The Sandlot, Strangers on a Train, Sharknado, and The Truman Show. As BrainStorm continues to expand, who knows what movies will crop up at BrainStorm HQ?

If there’s a central hub of activity at BrainStorm, it’s definitely the large meeting area affectionately named The Sandlot. Grab a bean bag, settle in for some intense Halo matches, or just find a comfortable spot to work.

Lights! Camera! Action! BrainStorm Studios is located in The Truman Show—and this is where the magic happens. Here we shoot our live QuickHelp events and other top-notch instructor-led videos.

Strangers on a Train features an incredibly awesome BSI wall tag created by a local artist here in Utah. Here’s a quick time-lapse video to see how it came together.

Who doesn’t need to blow off some steam sometimes? BrainStorm has fun gadgets and equipment scattered around the office to help PropellerHeads take a break away from their desks. The hoverboard is a newer toy in the BrainStorm office that has resulted in both hilarity and the occasional mishap. And the classic yellow bicycle provides a more traditional method of transport for zooming around the office.

At BrainStorm, we find that a happy work environment makes for happy workers. Want to join a team of happy workers? Check out current job openings by clicking below.

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