BrainStorm Bubble Ball

By Alison Miller, July 06, 2016
BrainStorm Bubble Ball

For PropellerHeads, Bubble Ball has set the bar high for fun out-of-office activities. After all, what’s better than ramming into your coworkers from the safety of an inflatable bubble? Not much, by our estimation, which is why we revisited one of our favorite activities for a little break from our normal workday.

Bubble Ball provides the perfect mix of sport and play. We started off the afternoon with a good ol’ PropellerHead favorite: soccer. As it turns out, soccer is considerably harder when you’re surrounded by a huge inflated tube of air—not to mention the fact that you can hardly see your competitor running after you. You're about to kick the ball, but before you know it…congratulations, you're bouncing on your back.

After a very awkward soccer match we decided to throw it back to the elementary school days and play a classic game of Red Rover. It was even better than we remembered— in fact, Red Rover is ten times more fun when played with Bubble Balls. Here’s a little tip: don't forget to stack up next to your teammates to help ease the blow.

We finished off the Bubble Ball fun with some very intense wheelbarrow races. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to roll around inside a washing machine just jump/squeeze into one of these and have a friend see how fast they can get you to the finish line.

We love the opportunity to get out of the office every once in a while, especially when it involves some healthy competition and team bonding. With two rounds of Bubble Ball in the books, it’s safe to say we have a new BrainStorm tradition on our hands!

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Alison Miller

Alison’s role at BrainStorm includes scheduling, coordinating, and process-improving. She’s passionate about good food, fun games, the outdoors, and the arts. When she's not in the office she is probably out traveling the world with her husband.


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