Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 Recap

By The End-User Experts, July 21, 2016

BrainStorm is no stranger to the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference—and this year’s event (as usual) did not disappoint. The PropellerHead team took to Toronto anxious to meet friends old and new, see what’s new in the world of Microsoft, and learn new insights from leading industry experts. Here are just a few highlights from WPC 2016.

Satya Nadella Says Digital Transformation is the Future of Business.

“The entire GDP is being shaped by digital technology. . . And this opportunity drives our ambitions—reinventing productivity in business process, building the intelligent cloud, and enabling our customers to achieve digital transformation.” Changing the works?

Kirk Koenigsbauer Shows How Microsoft is Reinventing Productivity for the Digital Workplace.

“One key trend we’re seeing is teams who want to work together more effectively. We see Office 365 as core to reinventing productivity for digital transformation.” We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Judson Althoff Reminds Us that Relationships are King.

“This is no longer a transactional world that we live in. You have to truly engage customers from anonymous interactions and social media all the way through to creating fans and advocates of the solutions that you deliver an ongoing lifecycle management of their solutions.” A great reminder that technology may be every-changing—but the relationships we build need to be consistent and meaningful if we want them to last.

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