Lagoon Day 2016

By Alison Miller, July 25, 2016

Every year in celebration of the end of H1, BrainStorm takes its employees and their families on a day-long trip to Utah's local amusement park, Lagoon! This year proved to be one of the best and biggest Lagoon adventures we've ever had.

Last year, Mother Nature dumped buckets of rain on us, but this year she made up for it and shined her sun all day long! Splash pads and water rides helped PropellerHeads stay cool (the water balloon toss that turned into a water balloon fight helped, too). Someone even got an entire bucket of water poured on him like his team had just won the Super Bowl.

It was a fun day packed full with a big lunch, a game of Blackout Bingo (via submission of a picture collage to our Culture page in Yammer), the water balloon toss and prizes. BrainStorm is the gift that keeps on giving: rollercoasters and prizes?! Working here is definitely a win-win.

As employees, we appreciate the chance to spend the day introducing our families to our work family and having some fun. Here's to another successful Lagoon Day!

What Now?

If you’re interested in joining our big goofy family, head over to our career page to learn more.

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Alison Miller

Alison’s role at BrainStorm includes scheduling, coordinating, and process-improving. She’s passionate about good food, fun games, the outdoors, and the arts. When she's not in the office she is probably out traveling the world with her husband.


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