Microsoft Stream and Forms Introduced to Enterprises

By The End-User Experts, July 03, 2017
Microsoft Stream and Forms Introduced to Enterprises

What's in the News

Many exciting announcements have been coming down the Microsoft pipeline in the last few weeks, from rich ways of communicating to new methods for gathering better customer feedback.

Microsoft Introduces Video Streaming for Business

Office 365 just got a serious shot of intelligence with the recent release of Stream, a video streaming software for enterprises. After a long wait, we finally have a simple solution for sharing and managing video all within the security we've grown to expect from Office 365.

Stream features:

  • Video streaming for enterprises
  • Variable playback speed options
  • In-line viewing in Yammer
  • Auto-transcription of text
  • Facial recognition

If the considerable time I spend on YouTube to stay up on conferences, Office updates, and other training is any indication of potential use of Stream to share knowledge and information, then we should brace ourselves.

Microsoft Forms for Commercial Users

Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft Forms isn’t just for education anymore and will be included in Office 365 commercial subscriptions. If you gather information from others and haven't given Forms a try, you’re missing a powerful survey tool in the Office 365 toolkit. At BrainStorm, we’ve been using Forms to glean insight from our workplace environment and measure our employee engagement. Experiment with Forms during your next round of gathering customer feedback, planning events, or conducting training assessments—we’d love to hear how it goes.

We’re always staying on top of the latest in technology—learn more about how we can help you do it too.

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