Microsoft Keeps Improving Collaboration

By The End-User Experts, August 09, 2017
Microsoft Keeps Improving Collaboration

Microsoft has been working tirelessly to make collaboration easier. This What’s In The News is all about the latest feature releases that allow you and your team to work better together.

Collaborative Editing in Excel

We’ve been waiting a long time for collaborative editing in Excel, and now our patience has finally paid off. Workbooks saved to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online will show you who's working in the file at the same time and show their updates in real-time.

Microsoft Teams for Mobile

Microsoft Teams on your mobile device is ready for its debut. HD video conferencing brings everyone together to share thoughts and contribute to projects with more than a disembodied voice. Now you can read body language, gauge interest, and tackle your biggest goals as a team wherever you are.

PowerPoint – “Revision Highlighting”

Struggling to know what happened in a shared PowerPoint presentation since you last took a look? “Revision Highlighting” details the changes made while your attention was elsewhere. Forget hunting around the slides to see what might have been modified. Edits are now highlighted until you've seen them.

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