Convenient New Updates for Outlook, Planner, and Yammer

By The End-User Experts, August 24, 2017
Convenient New Updates for Outlook, Planner, and Yammer

Microsoft has come out with some very convenient new updates for the Outlook mobile app, Planner mobile app, and Yammer.

New Look and Feel for the Outlook Mobile App

Up until now, replying to Outlook email messages on your phone has looked like instant messaging or texting. Now the Outlook mobile app is flexing its muscles, offering the ability to switch recipient options more easily (by tapping the Reply arrow), and a more navigable experience for reviewing conversations. We’re moving on up!

Planner On the Go

The Planner mobile app is ready to take its rightful place among the other apps on your phone. You can now add tasks to a team project, update action items, and get organized- all from the convenience of your mobile device. We’re promised that push notifications will follow soon, a total game changer for staying in the know, on the go.

Updates Coming to Yammer

Isn’t it nice to know the exact moment someone is typing? Seeing the typing indicator disappear and reappear as someone thinks through their message makes for a rush of anticipation. Communicating in Yammer is about to get more exciting with a new typing indicator feature. You’ll be able to see when someone is actively replying to a post, for a more “real-time” conversation experience.

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