BrainStorm Partner Program

Why Partner with BrainStorm?

We understand the importance (and struggle) of getting users to engage better with their productivity tools. Our proven approach to driving Office 365 usage is a perfect fit for partners who need a turnkey, scalable solution to solve their consumption conundrums. Whether you service large enterprises or small businesses, we have a solution to suit your needs. Together with BrainStorm, you can:

  • Empower your customers through an intelligent learning platform
  • Expand your business by offering BrainStorm solutions to your clients
  • Stay connected through our engaged partner network
  • Offer a scalable, cost-effective solution that aligns to annual agreements or monthly subscription services

Looking to extend your practice?

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Working with BrainStorm

There are two ways to partner with BrainStorm:

1. We go to market together. Our team learns about the specific need and goals of the customer to create a customized strategy that will help them do and achieve more. Our solution set includes:

  • Our comprehensive training platform, QuickHelp™
  • A dedicated Client Success Manager
  • A robust set of communications tools for ongoing engagement

2. We align with your Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) model via our Monthly Subscription Program. This program is a great for your small to medium size business customers. Our solution set includes:

  • Our comprehensive training platform, QuickHelp™
  • Self-service portal to create, manage and monitor your customer accounts
  • Partner-specific templates and custom content to fit the unique needs of each customer

Our solutions are designed to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

Want to know more about BrainStorm?

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