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About Us

On average, end-users use only 13 percent of the features in any software tool. At BrainStorm, Inc. we think this is a tragic statistic. Not only does it mean that users are not as productive as they could be, it also means that software investments can end up costing a lot more than the original purchase price.

End-User Training from BrainStorm can help users begin to use and understand the most powerful features of their software contained in that unused 87 percent. This, in turn, can help those users increase their productivity, which ultimately makes any software purchase worthwhile.

Because BrainStorm has been training end-users since 1995, we understand end-user concerns, how end-users learn, and what end-users need from their software training. Because users in our classes learn everything hands-on, they remember more and can apply more of what they learn to what they do everyday.

BrainStorm's training materials support this goal by giving users a reference when they can't remember a software task's exact steps. When they use these follow-up reference tools, users are less likely to call their company's help desk, saving IT staff time and company money.



Unique Partnerships

Because of BrainStorm's excellent reputation as a software training company that gets results, we partner with several software companies to give thier users the best training available.

As a Microsoft Office Marketplace partner, BrainStorm's Microsoft Quick Start Cards and computer-based training modules are featured in the Microsoft Office Marketplace. With its history of exceptional end-user training, BrainStorm now offers valuable training materials for most Microsoft end-user software, including Office 2007, Vista, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007.


BrainStorm is the only Novell Authorized End-User Training Partner and the oldest GroupWise partner. As such, BrainStorm provides Novell training for any software that hits the end-user desktop. BrainStorm partners closely with Novell to provide Novell-branded software training materials and on-site training for programs such as GroupWise, the Novell Linux Desktop, and Because of this unique partnership, BrainStorm can also accept Novell Training Vouchers as payment for training services and materials.

As Corel's official training partner, BrainStorm produces Corel-branded Quick Start Cards and other training materials and services for their WordPerfect Office suite. 

As the only anti-virus, anti-spam solution for GroupWise that works from the inside out, GWAVA made BrainStorm its Certified Training Partner to provide online training for GWAVA administrators. BrainStorm also created a GWAVA Quick Start Card that has answered common GWAVA configuration questions for thousands of GWAVA administrators.



Company History

BrainStorm, Inc. was established in 1995 as the premier source for software end-user training. Throughout its more than 15 years, BrainStorm has continued to provide end-user training for software users worldwide.

Shortly after BrainStorm was established, it partnered with Novell to become the Novell Authorized End-User Training Partner. This means that BrainStorm exclusively provides authorized end-user training and materials for any Novell application that hits the desktop. Currently that includes GroupWise, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Novell Linux Desktop, and

BrainStorm also uses their unique hands-on training services and materials to train users on other popular software, including software from Microsoft, Corel, Adobe, and GWAVA.

With more than 15 years of experience, BrainStorm has been around the world training users in both small organizations and extremely large enterprise organizations like the United States Department of Justice.

With its team of top trainers, education consultants, managers, and technical gurus, BrainStorm is poised to help your organization upgrade its users.

To contact BrainStorm and obtain more information about ways we can help train your end-users, click here.