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BrainStorm recognizes a variety of software programs and provides training materials to increase your business productivity and efficiency.

an on-site instructor

On-Site Training

online training

eLive Training

At BrainStorm we have the ability to pull from our differing resources to create a specialized training program to assist you and your employees with confidence in using this new software, and providing you the opportunity for greater success.

Our training materials are 100% guaranteed.

Training solutions from BrainStorm will:

  • Dramatically reduce help desk calls –  Some of our clients have enjoyed as much as a 68% decrease in help desk calls for Corel Word Perfect support.
  • Increase Employee Productivity –  Employees who have been properly trained get up to speed faster, use more time-saving features, and work with others better.
  • Improve User Adoption Rates  – Every company has employees who fight upgrades and software changes. Their unwillingness to adapt is a drag on the whole company. Proper training maximizes user adoption rates and speed of full assimilation.