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BrainStorm is the only Novell Authorized End-User Training Partner and the oldest GroupWise partner. As such, BrainStorm provides Novell training for any software that hits the end-user desktop. BrainStorm partners closely with Novell to provide Novell-branded software training materials and on-site training for programs such as GroupWise, the Novell Linux Desktop, and Because of this unique partnership, BrainStorm can also accept Novell Training Vouchers as payment for training services and materials.

As the Novell Authorized End-User Training Partner, BrainStorm has training solutions for all your Novell end-user applications. Whether you're rolling out a massive Novell software migration or just need a way to train new hires, we have the end-user training solutions for your Novell software. 


Our training materials are 100% guaranteed.

Training solutions from BrainStorm will:

  • Dramatically reduce help desk calls –  Some of our clients have enjoyed as much as a 68% decrease in help desk calls for Novell support.
  • Increase Employee Productivity –  Employees who have been properly trained get up to speed faster, use more time-saving features, and work with others better.
  • Improve User Adoption Rates  – Every company has employees who fight upgrades and software changes. Their unwillingness to adapt is a drag on the whole company. Proper training maximizes user adoption rates and speed of full assimilation.