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 The instructor offered a wealth of knowledge about the subject, and presented it in a way that made it easy for everyone to grasp."

- Scott D. Fultz, Network Administrator, Lydall Inc.




On-site Business Computer Software Training

Behavioral learning studies show that the best way to learn any subject, including software, is to see, hear, and do. BrainStorm's on-site training upgrades your end-users by giving them a chance to see, hear, and do. We make this training work by sending our master instructors to your location armed with a self-contained training environment.


Increase Excitement

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful software deployment is lack of end-user enthusiasm. When your users aren't excited about what new software can do, they're less likely to adopt it. Because BrainStorm's master instructors know every aspect of the programs they teach, their excitement about the new features is contagious. Users walk out of the training eager for the software roll-out.

Remember What You Learn

Just 30 minutes after a traditional training class is over, students only remember a little more than half of what they learned. A day after training, retention levels drop even lower. With on-site, hands-on corporate computer training from BrainStorm, however, users remember more of what they learned because they actually performed tasks they would in reality. In addition, BrainStorm's follow-up computer training materials are based on our training outlines. These materials give users a resource they can turn to when they can't quite remember how to set those margins or schedule an appointment.

Personalize Your Experience

We know that you are the expert on your organization, so to make on-site training even more effective for your users, we let you decide what they need to learn. From our comprehensive training outlines, you choose which topics you want the trainer to focus on and which ones you want him to leave out completely.