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Online Software Training (eLive)

Behavioral learning studies show that the best way to learn any subject, including software, is to see, hear, and do. BrainStorm's eLive training upgrades your end-users by giving them a chance to do just that---see, hear, and do.

The Power Of eLive

BrainStorm’s eLive Online Training gives you the chance to get the benefits of hands-on training right from the comfort of your own desktop. With this growing technology, you are able to see, hear, and do simple and intermediate tasks side by side with one of our trained instructors.

Real Time, Real Answers

Log on to our virtual lab and join a conference call with a live instructor and other students. You can have your questions answered in real time and get hands-on practice in a virtual environment that won't disrupt your own computer files or programs.

Our eLive sessions give you the ability to not only see your own screen but also the screen of the instructor as he demonstrates each maneuver in completing specific tasks. Your screen is also viewable by the instructor to create consistency and understanding in learning.

Customize Your Session

You can join a scheduled public training session for specific software programs or customize what you learn when you schedule a private session.