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BrainStorm QuickHelp Add-In FAQ

What can I do with the BrainStorm QuickHelp add-in?

You can:

  • Search for training
  • Browse training by application, course, and by topic
  • Watch training without leaving Microsoft Office
  • See New, Most Viewed and other content in the Ribbon's QuickHelp Galleries
  • Suggest topics to BrainStorm
  • Favorite particularly helpful videos
  • Browse your video viewing history

What does my BrainStorm subscription include?

Your BrainStorm QuickHelp subscription allows you to access all of our training content right from the Office Ribbon. In addition to receiving the content through the Office add-in, you can also access the QuickHelp web player on the BrainStorm website.

What do I need to install the BrainStorm QuickHelp add-in?

You need Microsoft® Office 2010 or 2013 to install the BrainStorm QuickHelp for Office add-in. You must also have one of the following operating systems: Windows Vista®, Windows Server® 2008, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8. When you download the BrainStorm QuickHelp for Office add-in and open the file, it will install automatically in Microsoft® Office. Note that BrainStorm QuickHelp for Office add-in is not supported on 64-bit Microsoft Office. QuickHelp is compatible with 64-bit editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Can I download QuickHelp for only one particular Office application?

No, BrainStorm's QuickHelp add-in can not specifically be downloaded for just Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word, for example. The subscription includes ribbon add-ins for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Can I use my BrainStorm account on multiple computers?

BrainStorm QuickHelp also includes the same experience (search, browse, video viewing, galleries, history, and favorites) on the web. Login to "My BrainStorm" on the BrainStorm site to access the web player.

Your account can be used in only one location (inside Office or through a browser) at a time.

What versions of Microsoft Office is the BrainStorm QuickHelp add-in compatible with?

Microsoft® Office 2010 and 2013, 32-bit only.

Why should I subscribe to BrainStorm QuickHelp?

The free version of QuickHelp includes a wide range of videos, but less than 10% of the thousands of QuickHelp videos for Microsoft Office and Windows 7.

I downloaded QuickHelp but can't seem to find it in the ribbon?

QuickHelp is only available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

QuickHelp may have become disabled. To reenable QuickHelp:

  • Select the Office or File Menu.
  • Choose “Options”, then “Add-ins”.
  • In the “Manage” drop down menu (found at the bottom of the Options window), choose "Disabled items", then press “Go”. Select the line containing the BrainStorm add-in and press "Enable."
  • Choose "Close”. Choose “Ok” to close the dialog box.
  • Return to the add-ins dialog by following steps 1 and 2 above, in the “Manage” drop down menu, choose "Com Add-ins"
  • In the dialog box, select the check box for "BrainStorm Installer" as shown below.
  • Press “Ok”. The QuickHelp tab should appear in the Ribbon.

Is the BrainStorm QuickHelp add-in compatible with MAC® operating systems?

Currently, the BrainStorm QuickHelp add-in is only available for the Windows® operating system.

How do I uninstall BrainStorm QuickHelp?

To uninstall BrainStorm QuickHelp:

  • From the Windows Start Button, type "add/remove"
  • Or, in the Control Panel, chose "Programs" then "Uninstall a Program"
  • Select "BrainStorm QuickHelp"

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