Adobe Connect Requirements

Thank you for registering to attend an upcoming eLive session, BrainStorm's online training solution. To ensure that you are able to connect and fully participate in the class, we would ask you to verify all of the following items prior to the class:

1.Verify you have a phone with a headset or speaker phone ability
2.Test your connection to Adobe Connect
3.Verify that a Remote Desktop Connection client is installed

*USER TIP: If you have access to dual monitors, this will improve your user experience.

If you have questions or problems with any of these items, please make sure to contact BrainStorm so we can help you resolve issues prior to the class.

1. Phone

While you can use any phone to connect, we recommend for your comfort that you have a headset or speaker phone available. You will received an invitation with dial-in instructions for the class. If you have not received this information prior to the day of your session, please contact BrainStorm .

2. Adobe Connect

Click here to test your Adobe Connect connection. You will receive an invitation with a URL on how to join the Connect session at the designated class time. If you have not received this information prior to the day of the session, contact BrainStorm.

3. Remote Desktop Connection

You will need a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) client to be able to participate in the hands-on portion of the class. An RDP client is installed by default with Windows 7, Vista and XP. Please follow the instructions below for your specific operating system.

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP: Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | Remote Desktop Connection. Make sure that you can start the program.
  • Linux: There are several different options available for Linux. We recommend using rdesktop, an open source RDP client that will run on most Unix-based platforms.
  • Mac: Many free RDP clients are available for the Mac. We recommend one of the following: