BrainStorm On-site Training Logistics Prep

  • Do you have a pre-call scheduled for your upcoming BrainStorm training?
  • Are you interested in what it takes to make five-star training a reality in your organization?

Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place. Below is all the information we'll request during your pre-call to make BrainStorm training a reality in your organization.

If you already have a pre-call scheduled with the BrainStorm training team, please prepare the answers to these questions prior to the call. By having this information ready to go, you’ll ensure that the call and your training run as smoothly as possible!

Location Information

  • What is the physical address of the training location?
  • Should we ship training materials to the same or a different address? And, to whose attention?
  • What is the name of the room where the training will take place?
  • How would you describe the training room(s) (conference room, classroom, auditorium, etc.)?

Session Details

  • On what date(s) will the training take place?
  • Have you decided on the style of sessions you will offer (Hands-on or Tips & Tricks)?
  • Have you decided on the start and end times for each session (Hands-on sessions are 3 hours, Tips & Tricks run up to 90 minutes)?
  • What applications will be covered in each session (Word 2010, Outlook 2010, etc.)?

Day of Training

  • Who will be there to meet our trainer on the day of the training? How can they be contacted?
  • Can our trainer meet someone onsite an hour before the first session to set up?
  • Where should our trainer park?
  • Are there any security measures that will be required upon arrival? (Badges, etc.)
  • What dress code should our trainer follow?

Equipment Information

  • Will you provide a projector and screen?
  • Will the trainer be given a computer to use for presenting?
  • For any hands-on sessions, will you provide each attendee with a machine and will there be a server?
  • Is there an internet connection available to our trainer? Will the connection be wireless or hard-wired?