Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Start Cards
Instructor-Led Training
Who is BrainStorm?
BrainStorm Inc is the leading provider of 360-degree end-user training. We provide you with a customized training plan to get your users excited, engaged, and invested in their software. To learn more about us, visit our Company page.
Why do I need to train my users?
To be frank? You can't afford not to. When users aren't properly prepared for a software deployment, the intended productivity gains are lost—as are your hard-earned dollars. Between frustrated users and an influx of costly help desk calls, it's in everyone's best interest to get trained. That's where we come in.
Why BrainStorm?
We're number one in end-user software training for a reason. We know your concerns, how you learn, and what to teach you. We give your team the powerful training tools they need to create a more productive, creative, and knowledgeable workspace.
What is QuickHelp?
QuickHelp is on-demand, video-based training when and where you need it. It's accessible from the Office ribbon, a SharePoint web part, a custom web portal, or the Windows Store. To see QuickHelp in action and to learn more, visit the QuickHelp page.
What applications are covered in QuickHelp?
QuickHelp includes video training for most Microsoft Windows, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007 titles. QuickHelp is also available for Novell GroupWise and Adobe Acrobat X Pro. For a full list of covered applications, please visit our QuickHelp page.
Do you have videos which cover Office for Mac?
Currently, QuickHelp is only available for the Windows operating system.
How much does QuickHelp cost?
QuickHelp is offered in an easy-to-manage subscription that starts at just a few dollars per user. Give us a call to find out exact pricing for your organization.
How often do you update video content?
We're adding new content to QuickHelp every day to provide you with the best and most current features your software has to offer.
Can I hide videos I don't want my users to see?
We know your organizational needs are unique, which is why QuickHelp can be customized to fit your users and their environment. That means you choose which videos they can and cannot see.
Do you offer technical support?
You bet! Our Client Success Team is standing by to help answer any technical questions you may have.
I can't log in to the Web Portal. I know I've logged in before.
Make sure you're accessing your QuickHelp Web Portal at Please contact your QuickHelp administrator for the correct URL.
The QuickHelp Ribbon Add-In is installed, but videos won't play.
QuickHelp requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4 (with the KB2468871 patch) or .NET Framework 4.5.
Which Ribbon will QuickHelp be in?
QuickHelp is located in the Ribbon of the four core Office applications: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.
What are Quick Start Cards?
Quick Start Cards are six-page, illustrated reference guides to get you started with your software applications.
How are Quick Start Cards priced?
Quick Start Cards start at $4.95, but bulk discounts are available. Give us a call for exact pricing for your organization.
Are Quick Start Cards offered in multiple languages?
Mais oui! Quick Start Cards are offered in a variety of languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and more. Contact us to hear our full language offerings.
Do you only offer Microsoft products?
We also provide Quick Start Cards for Novell GroupWise and Adobe Acrobat. Visit our Quick Start Card page to see a full list of available titles.
Can I customize my Quick Start Card?
We know our customers like to make our products uniquely theirs. We're happy to help you customize your card with your logo, help desk information, and even customized content. Customization fees, restrictions, and print minimums may apply.
Do you have electronic cards?
Yes! We also provide our Quick Start Cards in electronic (PDF) format.
How does BrainStorm's training approach differ from other organizations?
BrainStorm focuses purely on the productivity of employees. Our training is built around the business use cases that users face every day. The data we've collected over the years that most users who attend a BSI training report saving at least an hour a week in lost time, but the average time saved per user is over 2 hours per week. That equates to thousands of dollars per employee in productivity gains.
What qualifications do BrainStorm trainers have?
Many of our trainers or MCTs or hold additional qualification/certifications, but we look beyond that. Our trainers understand business users and know how to connect the dots for trainees. End users needs to know the why before they know the how. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate that understanding, drive awareness, and build affinity.
Are there trainers in my area?
BSI has trainers that live all over the United States and extended networks in Canada. We try to match trainers to events by need first and then by geography. Because our trainers travel regularly, we can send a trainer onsite anywhere you need.
How far in advance do I need to book a training engagement?
We ask that you please book your training session at least six weeks in advance.
How is instructor-led training priced?
Instructor-led training is typically priced by the day, though other factors (such as class type or size) can impact cost. For detailed pricing, please contact us.
How long are the classes?
Classes range from 45-60 minute Tips and Trick sessions to full 3-day Train-the-Trainer courses. Give us a call and we can help you determine which class length is right for you.
Can you come onsite?
Yes! Our trainers are available to come onsite for trainings.
Do you offer virtual training?
You bet. We primarily use Adobe Connect as it allows us to remain separate from the MS environment. We can use other solutions if you wish or leverage your own virtual training environment as well. We do limit class sizes.
Can trainings be recorded?
Trainings cannot be recorded. However, QuickHelp is a great leave-behind resource for your users. Check it out here.
Can I customize the content?
Absolutely. For most sessions, we will hold a curriculum call with one of our engagement success managers. We'll start by developing a course outline and then customize it to fit your organization's needs.
What does each participant receive for attending the class?
We provide materials for onsite trainings, including training folders with Quick Start Cards, a business card with contact info for our training team, and a course outline. We also provide fun items like spinners and gift cards to help attendees stay engaged.
Do you handle the registration process for attendees?
We can handle the registration process depending on the type of training and your needs. Additional fees may apply.
Do you offer assistance with user registration?
Yes. A contact will be provided to support attendees as they join online training sessions.
Do you offer training in other languages?
Please let us know what language you would like your training in and we'll be happy to explore options for your organization.
Do you provide surveys?
We have surveyed thousands of attendees and continue to do so. We want to prove the value of our training, so we survey each attendee and provide a report back to the customer.
What's a PropellerHead?
A "PropellerHead" is the affectionate nickname we've given to BrainStorm employees. A PropellerHead is smart, team-oriented, creative, and maybe just a little off-beat (just like we like them).
Why should I work for BrainStorm?
One of the fastest-growing companies in the state, BrainStorm is high-energy, high-tech, and high-reward. Named one of Outside Magazine's Best Places to Work for three years in a row, BrainStorm offers a culture unlike any other. Expect group outings, indoor lunches, tubing trips, and more.
How do I submit my resume?
We're always on the lookout for great new talent to add to our family. Learn how to become a PropellerHead here.