Our Vision

BrainStorm, Inc. is concerned with more than just software--we care about your users, your experience, and the end results.

A Better Way
Without a game plan, most deployments result in frustrated users who aren't equipped to use their new software. We believe there's a better way. By supporting the end user from the beginning, we believe users can get back to work faster and become more productive than ever before.
Save Your User, Save Your Org
Great software alone can only take you so far. It's the end-user who's the real key to software success. When we enable your users to work their best, we give your organization the productivity gains they paid for.
The User Journey
Each user goes through a journey as they adopt new software, from preparing for change to learning a program's full functionality. End users need guidance during every step of their journey. and BrainStorm training solutions are designed around these moments of need.
Your Adoption Chefs
No two organizations are the same, so how could their training needs be? We've got the ingredients to adoption success, but we know that training should be cooked up on a case by case basis. After getting to know you and your organization, we create the perfect combination of our training solutions.
No Singular Solution
There's no "silver bullet" when it comes to training end users. We've created a comprehensive arsenal of tips, tricks, trainers, and tools to get the job done. You're users will love our applicable, consumable, and accessible solutions that fit perfectly into their workday.
Driving Adoption with a Bit of SaaS
In today's climate of change, solutions need to move fast and roll with the punches. BrainStorm QuickHelp™ is a powerful, SaaS solution that helps you win the fight against poor software usage. QuickHelp is always adapting, updating, and expanding.

The Road to Adoption Success

A successful software launch begins before your users ever touch the software. Check out our process to see how we support you and your users long before Day 1.

Like it in theory? Love it in action.

Bring the vision to life.