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BrainStorm QuickHelp Overview
QuickHelp is an enterprise SaaS change management solution that helps organizations change the way they work.
QuickHelp Events Overview
The QuickHelp platform delivers live training webinars, led by end-user experts who answer questions in real time.

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QuickHelp Sample - Office 365 Overview
QuickHelp has a robust library of learning assets. This is an example of an overview video to get users familiar and excited about Office 365.
QuickHelp Sample - Skype for Business
Scheduling and attending online meetings has never been simpler than with Skype for Business.
QuickHelp Sample - Outlook 2016
Creating an email signature is a popular search item in QuickHelp. It's an essential skill that users want to know how to do in Outlook.
QuickHelp Sample - Excel 2013
Excel's Flash Fill is a huge time saver, but you have to know how to use it! QuickHelp has thousands of tips like these to help you be more productive.